Victim Support | Government’s new Chief Victims Advisor
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Government’s new Chief Victims Advisor

13 Nov Government’s new Chief Victims Advisor

Kevin Tso, Victim Support’s Chief Executive says that Victim Support commends the appointment of New Zealand’s first Chief Victims Advisor, Dr Kim McGregor.

The Minister of Justice, Amy Adams says the appointment is an important step to ensuring victims are placed at the heart of decision-making and will help the government get effective and practical advice on improving the system for victims of crime. The establishment of a Chief Victims Advisor is part of the wider package developed to address family violence.
“Victim Support’s community groups have been helping victims for some 30 years, and is very pleased the government is now introducing new measures to acknowledge and improve the plight of victims, especially those who suffer family violence,” Tso said.
“The Minister has said that Dr Kim McGregor is an independent voice, to complement other avenues of advice, such as victim advocacy groups and officials. We at Victim Support look forward to the opportunity to meet with Kim in her new role.
Victim Support is an independent 24 / 7 community response to support victims of trauma. “Much of our work is with victims of crime,” said Tso. “But we are also there for all victims no matter the cause of the trauma – like major accidents, suicide, natural disasters, sudden death – these sorts of events all leave devastation in their wake.”
Last year Victim Support assisted some 28,916 victims of crime and trauma. It is a free community response to people dealing with, in some cases, the worst time of their lives. People who receive adequate support and information are more likely to remain connected in a positive way with their whānau, family and local community and are better placed to rebuild their lives.
To remain free of charge the service relies on financial support from the public, please go to to make a donation.

The full media release can be viewed here…