Victim Support | New phone system launched
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New phone system launched


19 Jun New phone system launched

In June our Contact Service took the first phone call on Victim Support’s new phone service.  LAW_6927
The cloud-based system, that will receive around 7,000 a month, brings a multitude of service improvements:

  • significantly quicker answering speeds utilising ‘call queues’
  • computer controlled phone which integrates with the in-house system
  • voice prompts and improved hold music
  • call prioritisation for incoming calls
  • interactive voice recordings to answer frequently asked questions (National Office number only)
  • significant reporting improvements
  • improved disaster management and recovery systems.

“This new technology allows us to respond rapidly to victims’ needs, including those in urban and rural areas.  We will be able to see all the information in one view and so be able to optimise dispatch operations into a seamless process, based on correct and up-to-date data.  It also allows us to build accurate reporting for regulatory and internal use,” said Contact Service Manager Chris Law.