Victim Support | On the street
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On the street

On the street

shst_20Mar14_173Victim Support is being introduced as part of a new storyline for one of Shortland Street’s core characters, Dayna Jenkins when she considers becoming a Victim Support volunteer Support Worker.

We are very pleased to be part of Shortland Street’s storyline in 2015, albeit in a small way.  Shortland Street is New Zealand’s longest running serial drama centring around the fictitious Shortland Street Hospital.

This hugely popular programme first broadcast more than 22 years ago on Television New Zealand’s TV2 on 25 May 1992.  We believe our involvement in this iconic Kiwi institution will be invaluable in providing the New Zealand community with a deeper understanding and respect for our work.

Profiling the work of our volunteers may provide us with a recruitment opportunity.  “Every chance we have to highlight the work our volunteers and show their importance in helping victims of crime and sudden trauma is welcome,” said Diana Dobbinson, General Manager Fundraising and Communications.  “National television coverage in such a popular show is fantastic!”

We will watch how this story develops with interest.