Christchurch Masjidain Attack Inquiry

If you are a victim of the 2019 Christchurch masjidain attack you may be entitled to financial support through the Victim Assistance Scheme if you are attending the coronial inquiry First Phase Inquest hearing in October 2023.

Victim Support will provide these grants and will help you access the grants that are available to you.  


The October 2023 hearing

The hearing will begin on 24 October 2023 and is expected to take six weeks, with a break from 20-24 November 2023. It is not possible at this stage to confirm when it will conclude.

The hearing will be held in the Christchurch Law Courts. For more information on the hearing, please see


Financial assistance to attend the Inquest hearing

Those who are eligible to apply for financial assistance grants are those who have registered to attend the hearing AND are:

  • families of the deceased
  • victims of gunshot wounds
  • witnesses confirmed as being present during the attack

Financial assistance to attend the hearing includes grants for the following:

  • Travel Assistance
  • Court Attendance
  • Data Payment for those watching online

Counselling is also available for victims of the attacks at any time. Attendance at the hearing is not required to access counselling.


Travel Assistance Grants

If you wish to attend the hearing and need travel assistance, Victim Support can help.

For more information on the grants and how to apply, please see the Masjidain Attack Coronial Inquiry inquest hearing fact sheet or contact:


When applying for travel grants, please remember to register to attend the hearing

You are required to register to attend the October inquest hearing to access travel grants.

Registrations open on 3 July 2023. If you want to start to book travel prior to 3 July, please contact your Victim Support worker. They can start the booking process ahead of 3 July and finalise arrangements after you register in July.

There is more information on how to register on the Christchurch Masjidain Attack Inquiry webpages.  In summary, there are two ways to register to attend the hearing:

  • Interested Parties. If you are a formally recognised interested party to the coronial inquiry, you will receive an email Coronial Services – Ministry of Justice with a link to register on 3 July 2023. To register to attend the hearing, please fill in the registration form in your email.
  • Victims (who are not formal interested parties). If you are a family member of the deceased, victim of gunshot wounds, or a witness identified as being present at the attack, but are NOT an interested party, you can submit your interest in attending the hearing via an online form.

To register click on this link: This link will be live from 3 July 2023.

You do not need to be an interested party to apply for Victim Assistance Scheme grants or to attend the hearing.


When can I apply for travel grants?

You can contact Victim Support or your Victim Support Worker to start discussing your travel requirements.  Travel grants cannot not be made until registration is completed.

If you require a travel grant please contact Victim Support no later than 1 August 2023. The earlier we can finalise your travel arrangements the better.


Counselling grants are also available to victims

Victim Support can provide access to counselling sessions for families of the deceased, victims of gunshot wounds, and witnesses identified as having been present at the masjidain during the attack.

If you have used all your initial counselling sessions (provided directly after the attack), you can access additional counselling sessions if needed.

Counselling must be arranged by Victim Support with a Victim Support-registered counsellor.


Further information

Further information on the Coronial Inquiry can be viewed here:

The Victim Support factsheet can be viewed here.



Masjidain Attack Coronial Inquiry inquest hearing fact sheet