Victim Support | Information and statistics
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Information and statistics


In 2018/19, we supported 36,844 victims of crime and trauma.


This included:

  • 12,069 family violence victims
  • 2,174 victims following a homicide
  • 4,647 after a sudden death
  • 3,434 people after a suicide
  • 1,970 victims following an aggravated robbery
  • 2,067 burglary victims
  • 2,626 sexual violence victims
  • 1,156 after a vehicle collision
  • 2,504 after a fatal collision

We also provided support for victims of the Christchurch terror attacks and have continued to stand with victims to assist them to participate at each stage of the trial. See Standing Together: our response to the Christchurch Terror Attacks here.

There were:

  • 132,877 calls to Victim Support

We travelled:

  • 297,228 kilometres to support victims

We spent:

  • 4,189,708 minutes supporting victims


Figures for the year ended 30 June 2019