Victim Support | Partnerships and sponsorships
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Partnerships and sponsorships


One of the wonderful things we appreciate about Victim Support is the help we get from the wider community.

We never take this for granted, but it is always reassuring to know how many people and organisations care about victims and our work supporting people through tough times.

Our annual lottery is a good example.  Thanks to our partner, Honda New Zealand and other organisations who have contributed so generously.

Victim Support continues to rely on community partners and sponsors.  For more information please contact us to discuss how we can work together in helping people who are the victims of serious crime and trauma.

“At Mitre 10 we value the communities we operate in and the importance of lending a hand to fellow Kiwis when they need it, so we are thrilled that Victim Support are the 2014 Mitre 10 Community of the Year.”

Dave Elliott, General Manager Marketing, Mitre 10 New Zealand Limited