Give as a business

Workplace giving is a great way to show your support both as an employer and as a socially responsible business. By raising money for Victim Support, you are ensuring that fellow Kiwis can access 24/7 free support whenever crime, trauma, or tragedy strikes.

We love working with all kinds of business, large or small, across the country as we go about making New Zealand a better place to work, play and live together. As a team there are several ways that you can choose to support our team as we support hurting Kiwis.

Why give to Victim Support

Donating to Victim Support through payroll giving helps us to raise the funds we need to provide our essential emergency and community services. It also helps us to budget these services with confidence year on year.

Payroll giving enables you donate to Victim Support directly from your pay and receive instant tax benefits that reduce your payable PAYE.
It’s an easy way to give regularly to Victim Support, while also ensuring you immediately get the tax rebates you’re entitled to.

How payroll giving works
With payroll giving, your donation to Victim Support is taken out of your regular pay before it goes into your bank account. If your donation is more than $5, you receive a third of the donation amount as an immediate tax rebate.  So if you donate $15 to Victim Support through payroll giving, you’ll only have a $10 reduction in your take-home pay.

With other forms of donating, you usually have to wait until the end of the tax year to claim your tax rebate. Payroll giving ensures you get the tax advantages immediately.

Information about payroll giving for Employers
To offer your staff the chance to donate through payroll giving, you need to sign up for the scheme with the IRD.

Go to IRD website to sign up for payroll giving.

How to sign up for payroll giving

  1. You can only offer payroll giving to your employees if you electronically file your IRD employer monthly schedule and deduction form.
  2. As part of your registration with IRD you need to select Victim Support to be the recipient of your funds.
  3. To do this you will require the following information about Victim Support.
    Legal name The New Zealand Council of Victim Support Group
    Business name Victim Support
    Charities Commission number CC26219
    IRD donee number 10-571-065
    Our bank account number 02 0500 0493163 000
    Our bank/branch BNZ, Wellington Branch, 38 Willis Street, Wellington
  4. Now you are signed up for Payroll giving for Victim Support through IRD any donations collected from employees will be sent directly through to Victim Support.
  5. To get the most out of your Payroll giving, do get in touch and let us know that your team have chosen to support our work. We would love to keep in touch with regular updates to show your staff the difference they are making to ordinary Kiwis living through extraordinary circumstances.

Information about payroll giving for Employees
Are you interested in giving regularly to Victim Support through your pay? Anything over $5 earns a tax rebate. Talk to your employer or payroll team today about setting this up or find out more on the IRD website.

Information on payroll giving on IRD website.

Victim Support is there for all Kiwis through some pretty tough times in their lives. But fundraising for these services really couldn’t be easier!

Just let the workmates know that there’s some team fun to be had while doing some wholesome good in the world … and they’ll turn up in droves!

Team fundraising ideas

Here are some fun ideas to promote team-bonding activities, all while fundraising for our nationwide support services.

Join us each year at Round the Bays (Wgtn) or City2Surf (Chch)
Join Team Victim Support at one of these fun family summer fitness events. Get your colleagues together, set your fitness goals and get going on those lunchtime training walks! Register for the event and don’t forget to join ‘Victim Support’ while on the event website.

We’ll then be in touch with more team info and ways you can fundraise together as you get ready for a fantastic team day out!

Click here for event info for:
Wellington Round the Bays
Christchurch City 2 Surf

Hold a ‘New Zealand’s best Staff Baker Competition’
Invite staff to bring in their best effort then ask a $5.00 donation to taste test and vote for the best bit of baking. Invite other departments or partner business to join you for a special morning or afternoon tea and to donate and vote as well!

Quiz night
Great for a larger workplace with multiple teams or departments. Charge an entry fee and have prizes. You can either elect a Quizmaster to create the quiz just for your workplace or keep it super easy with a pre-made quiz online!
Make sure that you can raise even more funds by allowing teams to ‘cheat’ and purchase a couple of answers per round!

Can you even call yourself a Kiwi without holding the occasional sausage sizzle?! Go on, throw on the barbie on Friday afternoon, invite ya neighbours (and the folks you do business with) and ask for a donation to Victim Support in return for a snag and a cold one!

Morning tea
Too busy as a team? How about simply hosting an easy morning tea or before work breakfast and ask people to pop a donation in the jar for Victim Support.

Donate as a company
Whether it’s a monthly donation, a one-off donation, or a donation in lieu of a leaving gift for an employee, your donation could support a range of services that we deliver to hurting Kiwis across the country.

We are always so grateful to receive donations from our business supporters – because we know you appreciate the rising costs of doing business these days and we thank you for being prepared to help us meet these.

You can donate securely online with a company credit card - make sure to pop a small message into the message form to let us know the reason for your donation.

Go to our website to make a donation today.

If you would prefer to bank your team’s donation directly into our bank account, that’s fine by us! Our account details are:
Our bank account number 02 0500 0493163 000
Our bank/branch BNZ, Wellington Branch, 38 Willis Street, Wellington

You could also drop us a line to let us know the reason for your donation and give us any details that you would like us to acknowledge on your receipt.

Yes, we can issue pledge invoices if your finance team need to have an invoice to make payment on. Please get in touch at and we can get this organised for you.

Involve the whole company
There are almost as many ways to support us as there are companies throughout New Zealand!

If you want to partner with Victim Support on a particular project, donate proceeds from a product, donate your usual client fee or any other smart fundraising initiatives, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in contact with our Fundraising Manager at or call us on 0800 842 846.

Let’s make it happen!

Charity of the Year
Choose or nominate Victim Support as your Charity of the Year. We would love to work with you to create an inspiring and dynamic campaign to ensure your staff and customers know how good it feels to help out their fellow Kiwis during a tough time.

Let’s talk this through and come up with a plan that spreads the feel-good factor as far as possible. Please get in contact with our Fundraising Manager at or call us on 0800 842 846.

Our community is full of people with incredible skills and talent, just like you! Would you consider doing lending us a hand a no charge?

This is as simple as doing something you are good at – in order to help us do what we are good at! It could be a one-off task, a particular scoped-out project or an ongoing service for an agreed period or number of hours.

We have a number of businesses who do pro bono work for us and in doing so, they help us out immensely by giving us expert advice and reducing our costs. It is just like giving a donation but is often easier to manage from a business perspective, we don’t need you to put your hand in your pocket, we simply value your time and expertise.
Send us an email today and let’s have a chat about how you might play a part in helping support victims throughout New Zealand with your team and talents!

Contact our Fundraising Manager at

How can a partnership with us benefit your brand?

At Victim Support, we want to create mutually beneficial partnerships. We want your business, team and clients to feel part of everything we do to support Kiwis who are hurting after crime, loss and trauma.

We will work closely with you to identify which of our services best suit your business plan and values, allowing you to directly support the area of Victim Support’s work that you are most passionate about.

For further information or to arrange a no obligation visit and presentation to your team, contact our Fundraising Manager at

No idea is too crazy or question too strange to ask. We'd love to hear from you!

If you have an idea or question about fundraising at your workplace, call us on 0800 842 846, or simply contact us with the following details:

Full name
Organisation name
Phone number
Postal address
Tell us a little about what you'd like to do
When were you thinking of having your event?
Any questions or what we can do to help