Give in memory or celebration

Remembering, celebrating, honouring life ...these things are a part of the journey we are all on. By raising money for Victim Support, you are ensuring that fellow Kiwis can access 24/7 free support whenever crime, trauma, or tragedy strikes. 
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You can donate in memory of a loved one or friend who has passed - or you may choose to encourage your friends and family to give a gift to Victim Support to celebrate a special occasion or anniversary.

You may even be planning to mark a certain milestone by achieving your personal best in a sporting event!

If Victim Support has helped someone you know through a painful or difficult part of their journey, you may wish to acknowledge this in one of the following ways: 

Making a Donation in Memory of a Loved One
Donating in memory of a loved one is a very special way of honouring the life of that person. For many Kiwis, expressing their sympathy by making a donation in memory of someone is a thoughtful and loving tribute to someone who has died. If you and your family wish to honour your loved one by asking mourners to give in memory of a special person, by making a online donation on our website. This will allow them to make a secure online donation that can be immediately put to work helping fellow New Zealanders in their time of crisis.

Make an online donation to Victim Support.

Your funeral director may also be able to advise of ways you can invite mourners to give in lieu of flowers at the funeral. All donations will be acknowledged with an immediate thanks to the giver and, if you wish, we can also let the family know who has honoured the deceased in the weeks following the funeral.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your giving – you can email our Fundraising Manager at or phone on 0800 842 846

Making a Donation In Lieu of Gifts
Planning a bit of a do to celebrate a special day? But would prefer the presence of your dear friends and family, rather than more presents?

Why not set up a gift registry with us instead? Giving your guests the option to donate the cost of a gift to a worthy cause means everyone can celebrate your big day or special anniversary feeling the warm glow of doing some good.

Helping others helps you live longer too! The more milestones the merrier, don’t you think?!

Simply ask guests to donate on the night (a big postie box or stack of colourful envelopes can help make this super easy) or pop our website address onto your invitations. Our website address is

Your guests can then choose to make an online donation, or simply bring their gift along on the day.
If you would like to collect donations and then simply deposit the amount collected, then email us at and we can give you a special deposit code.

Make an online donation to Victim Support.

Our bank account details are:
NZ Council of Victim Support Groups – BNZ Wellington Branch - 02 0500 0493163 000

Become a Victim Support Champion
Thinking of giving that half marathon a go?  Maybe this year is the year – but you want to make sure that all that effort goes to a worthy cause?

New Zealanders are simply AWESOME at giving it a go … and raising incredible amounts for the causes they care about! And there are literally thousands of fitness events across the country every year to choose from!

Get in touch with us on 0800 842 846 or email and let us know what you’re doing on our behalf – we’ll see if there’s anything else we can do support you in your efforts.

Got a great idea or curly question?
Drop us a line today if you want more information about fundraising on behalf of Victim Support.

Simply call us on 0800 842 846, or send an email to with the following details:

Full name
Organisation name
Phone number
Postal address
Tell us a little about what you'd like to do
When were you thinking of having your event?
Any questions you might have and how we could help