Victim Support | Victims the winners from extra funding…
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Victims the winners from extra funding…

Victims the winners from extra funding…

Victims the winners from extra funding, though more investment needed for victim services

Today’s announcement of additional funding for Police and the justice sector is welcome news for victims of crime says Victim Support Chief Executive Kevin Tso, but must be matched with investment in victims as well as offenders.

“The best way to support victims is to prevent a crime from happening in the first place,” says Mr Tso.  “That’s why we value our partnership with New Zealand Police so highly, and why we welcome the additional resources set to be invested in Police and offender rehabilitation.  Victims will feel safer in their homes and receive a better, more responsive service with 880 more Police on the beat.”

“However, it’s an unfortunate reality that no matter how well we enforce the law, there will always be some people who find themselves victims of crime. When that happens, they’ll rely on services like Victim Support to participate in the justice system and piece their lives back together.”

The government’s package includes a $115 million boost for the Ministries of Justice and Corrections. Detailed information is not yet available on whether additional funding will make its way to frontline services for victims of crime.

“Today’s package recognises that additional resources are needed to put more offenders through the justice system and prevent them from creating more harm. That’s a great outcome. We hope it is followed by a recognition that the flow on effect of more offenders going through the justice system is more victims going through the justice system.”

“Victim Support looks forward to working with the government to ensure adequate resources are available for victims to access the quality support services on which they rely as demand increases.”

“Nobody chooses to be a victim, but being on the receiving end of a criminal act can have a devastating impact on their lives and livelihoods.  Victims should be at the heart of our justice system. They deserve all the support we can give them to participate in it fairly and get their lives back on track,” says Mr Tso.

How to get help:
Victims needing help after a crime or other traumatic incident can call our toll-free Victims’ Line on 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846).


 Media Contact:
Cam Cotter
027 406 1413