Victim Support | Vital support for the people of Canterbury
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Vital support for the people of Canterbury

Vital support for the people of Canterbury

Today, The Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem Charitable Trust will make the first of three yearly donations of $10,000 to Victim Support for its work supporting the people of Canterbury as they continue to contend with the emotional and physical after-effects of natural disasters.

Victim Support is an independent incorporated society that provides a free 24 / 7 community response to help victims of trauma caused by such things as a criminal act, violence, a natural disaster, a major accident. It is the predominant organisation carrying out this work and the only national provider.

From February to May 2011, Victim Support helped almost 3,170 people locally, along with 7,000 earthquake-related victims located in other parts of the country, assessing their needs and providing support and referral.

“Our work in Canterbury continues,” said Victim Support CE, Kevin Tso. “We supported people at the time of each emergency, including the recent flooding, and we continue to support many in the aftermath. Some people only now realise they are not coping and need our help.

“This generous donation, made over three years, means we can plan our continuing work here. It also highlights the need we have for funding to provide help for people who suffer through no fault of their own.

“We are so grateful that people around the world have seen the plight of the people of Canterbury and come to their aid. We hope this human act of compassion and generosity will inspire local organisations to consider how they too can support us.”


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